Dameskleren haken

Crochet striped Luna sweater

What do you need for size 8: 

  • 3 balls of white/beige yarn
  • 1,5 balls of blue yarn
  • crochet needle 4
  • needle
  • 4 stitch markers


Start with the white yarn. Crochet a chain, multiple by 9. I started with a chain of 126. Measure around your hips. End every row with a sl st and ch 2, then turn your work. Unless it’s says otherwise in the row.

Row 1: hdc
Row 2 – 6: Crochet a board. Watch the video to see how. It’s in dutch, but you can see what I do. Do not turn your work these rows, but crochet in the same direction, for the best result.

The next rows, we crochet with this stitch:

You don’t have to crochet the ch, because you crochet further on your board. So start row 7 with row 1 of this pattern above. Repeat the pattern of 9 the whole row.

Row 7 – 11: Crochet small call the midwife stitch. End only row 11 with a ch 1 and turn.

Continue with blue.
Row 12: sc. End with a sl st, ch 1, turn.
Row 13: sc.

Continue with white.
Row 14 – 18: Crochet small call the midwife stitch. Make sure the holes of the pattern is straight above the holes of the last rows. End only row 11 with a ch 1 and turn.
Row 19 and 20: Repeat row 12 and 13.
Row 21 – 34: Repeat row 7 – 20.

Continue with white.
Row 35 – 37: hdc

Continue with blue.
Row 38 – 42: hdc

Continue with white.
Row 43 – 51: hdc

Continue with blue.
Row 52 – 55. hdc

Crochet further with this zigzag stitch. Repeat the pattern of 9 until you reach the end of the row. Also close every row with a sl st, ch 2 and turn.

Continue with white.
Row 56 – 69: Crochet zigzag. Repeat row 1 – 4 of the zigzag on the last 4 rows.

Continue with blue.
Row 70 – 74: hdc

Say hi to my bunny, who always wants to sit on my crochet work 😉

Front parts 

We crochet the body part, from hips to arm pits. Now we are going to crochet only the front part, or else there won’t be any place for our arms to go through. Place 2 markers on the sides of your sweater. Count your stitches, make sure it’s exactly the half. Put two markers in the middle, with 8 stitches between. This wil be the opening for your head. I had 26 stitches on both sides. Count it, to make sure that both front parts are the same size.

Crochet the front parts with this stitch:

Start with row 1. Start with white.

Row 75: Crochet small granny stripe untill the first marker in the middle. End with 1 hdc.
Row 76: Skip the first space. Crochet small granny stripe.
Row 77: Crochet small granny stripe. Decrease last 2 stitches.
Row 78: Repeat row 76.

Continue with blue.
Row 79: sc. Decrease last 2 stitches. ch 1, turn.
Row 80: Decrease first 2 stitches, sc.

Continue with white.
Row 81 – 84: Crochet small granny stripe. End row 84 with ch 1, turn.

Continue with blue.
Row 84: sc. ch 1, turn.
Row 85: sc

Row 87 – 90: Repeat row 81 – 84.
Row 91 and 92: Repeat row 85 and 86.
Row 93 – 96: Repeat row 81 – 84.
Row 97: sc. Finish your work.

Repeat row 75 – 97 on the other side of the front.

Back part:

Repeat row 75 – 92 of the front parts, but don’t decrease. Start in the stitch right next to the marker. Crochet untill you reach the next marker.

Row 94: Count your stitches of the front part, row 97. Crochet small granny stripe, as much stitches as you’ve counted. Crochet in the space after that 1 hdc, ch 2 and turn.
Row 95: Repeat row 76.
Row 96: Repeat row 81.

Continue with blue.
Row 97: sc. Finish.

Repeat row 94 – 97 on the other side of the back part.

Sew the front and the back parts togheter. On top of the shoulders.


Crochet a board around the neck with the same board stitch you used on the bottom of this sweater. Attach your white yarn. Doesn’t matter where. Close every row with a sl st, but don’t turn your work. Crochet in the same direction.

Row 1: ch 2, hdc
Row 2 – 5: Crochet board. Finish at the end of row 5.


Attach your yarn, into your arm pit, with white yarn. End every row with a sl st, ch 2 and turn your work. Unless is says otherwise.

Row 1 – 4: hdc. Make sure it’s multipe by 9. If this is getting to big or to small, then it’s not a big deal if it’s not multiple by 9. Make sure it fits perfectly. My sleeve counted 45 stitches. But measure around your arm after these four rows. End row 4 with a sl st, ch 1 and turn.

Coninue with blue:
Row 5: sc. Ch 1, turn.
Row 6: sc.

Continue with white.
Row 7 – 11: Crochet small call the midwife stitch. If you had a number of stitches that is not multiple by 9, end every row with hdc, untill you reach the end of the row. This is on the bottom of your sleeve, so now one will notice this. But make sure the holes of the pattern are straight above each other every row. End row 11 with ch 1, turn.
Row 12 and 13: Repeat row 5 and 6.
Row 12 – 39: Repeat row 7 – 13.
Row 40: hdc
Row 41 – 43: Crochet board. Make sure you DON’T turn your work after you close with a sl st.

Crochet another sleeve on the other side the exact same way.

And yay, there is your sweater. Ready for some beautiful wheater. This is what it looks like when I’m wearing it:

Good luck with crocheting this sweater. It’s not that hard, but the result is lovely. The pattern is designed and made by myself. The pattern is for free, for your own use. So don’t copy or share my pattern without letting me know, please. If you love this pattern you can make a donation to me. I would really appreciate that. You can choose your own amount by clicking the button below:

Thank you, have a nice day and see you soon! Bye!

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