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Crochet a winter coat

This is the result:



What do you need?

– 16 balls of yarn
– crochet needle 4.
– measuring tape
– needle
– two nice buttons
– one less nice button
– sewing yarn
– siccor
– patience (I guess an hour of 30) and a bit of creativity.

How do you make it?

First I will explain the pattern to you. The pattern is the whole jacket the same. So when you get it, you don’t have to do anything else. I call this pattern “CreaChick-blokje”.



This is how you do it. If you can’t read this pattern, maybe this video will help. It’s in Dutch, but you can see what I do:

The back:


Now we’re going to start to crochet. Measure a few things first. The distance from shoulder to shoulder on your back. Mine was 35 cm. Measure the length you want for your jacket. I chose 80 cm. Measure from armpit to armpit on your back. Mine was 40 cm. Measure the height from your neck until the middle of your armpits. Mine was 20 cm. And, at last, measure the wideness of your jacket on the bottom. I chose 55 cm. If you have all the measurements, then you can start to crochet. We start at the bottom of the jacket. Take two balls of yarn. We crochet the whole jacket with two balls of yarn at the same time.


1. Chain as much as you need for the wide of your jacket. Make sure it is divisible by 5 and make it 5 cm longer, because it will be a bit smaller when you start with row 2.
2. Chain 3 (this is your first dc), skip 7 stiches, crochet a CreaChick-blokje (but start with 3 in stead of 4 dc). *Crochet a CreaChick-blokje*. Repeat the parts between the ** until the end of the row.
3. Chain 3.  Crochet a CreaChick-blokje (but start with 3 in stead of 4 dc). *Crochet a CreaChick-blokje*. Repeat the parts between the ** until the end of the row. Repeat this until you are at your hips. After that we start decreasing. With my jacket it was after 12 rows.
4. You decrease every side with one dc. When you start the row you decrease one on side, when you go back you decrease the other side. Continu decreasing until you get the measuring from armpit to armpit.
5. When you come to the measurement from armpit to armpit, you just going to crochet without decreasing. Continu this way until you reach your armpits. At my jacket this were 8 rows.
6. Now we are going to crochet the armholes. Chain 1, 5 sc, chain 3. Crochet a CreaChick-blokje (but start with 3 in stead of 4 dc). *Crochet a CreaChick-blokje*. Repeat the parts between the ** until the end of the row, but stop at the second Creachick-blokje at the end.

7. Crochet normal rows with the CreaChick-blokje. Stop when you reach the height you wanted.

The front:

1. Fold the back. This is the shape you’re going to crochet. Take the halve of the chain you made for the back and chain 10 more. Make sure it stays divisible by 5.
2. Crochet Creachick-blokje, same as at the back part.
3. Start to decrease at the same point you started decreasing at the back part. Decrease only at one side, because the center of the jacket should stay straight. Decrease once every 3 rows at that same side.
4. At the point where you started to crochet straight rows at the back, start to crochet straight row here also, until you reacht the armpit.
5. For the armhole slip stich 5 at the side where you decreased al the time. Sc 1, chain 3 and then start the crochet the CreaChick-blokje.
6. Go straight up. Crochet until you reach your clavicles.
7. Because you don’t want the jacket in your face when you wear it, we are going to crochet the shape for your neck. Start at the straight side of the jacket (the center). Slip stich 3 CreaChick-blokjes. Chain 3 and continu until the end of the row with CreaChick-blokjes.
8. Crochet 3 more straight rows. Finish the first front part.

Crochet another front part. You can do it exactly the same, only mirrored. If you’re done, it looks like this:



Sew the left and the right front parts to the backpart (until the armpit) with a big needle and a long thread of the same yarn. Do this on the inside of the jacket.


You can already fit your jacket now.

The sleeves: 

Start at the bottom of the sleeve. Chain 35.
1. Crochet 7 rows with CreaChick-blokje.
2. Go increasing 7 rows. Make an extra sc on the outsides. The first row you increase on the right side, on your way back you increase on the left side. Crochet like this until row 19.
3. Crochet 31 rows straight until you reach your armpit. If they are too long/short now, you can leave/add a few rows so it fits for you.
4. Slip stich 7, chain 1. Crochet 7 CreaChick-blokjes. Chain 3.
5. Decrease every row with 2 dc on the oudside. The first row you decrease on the right side, on your way back you decrease on the left side. Continu like this for 6 more rows. Then finish your work.

Crochet one more sleeve like this.


Fold the sleeve and sew it with a needle and a long thread of yarn togheter. Go from your hand to your armpit. Finish after that. Sew the sleeve to your jacket now. Do the same thing with the other sleeve.



You can leave the jacket like this, it looks very nice. I missed a collar, so I add one. This is how you make the collar:

Lay the jacket with the outside towards you. You work from the right side, through the back to the left side. Attach your yarn on the edge of your right frontpart. Chain 3 and start to crochet CreaChick-blokjes until the end of the row. Turn your work. Crochet 4 rows like this. Then finish your collar.



Chain 20.

1. Sc 19, chain 1, turn. Repeat this for 4 rows.

Search for the middel of your jacket on the back part. Sew it on with sewing yarn and a needle. Attach 2 nice buttons.


To close your jacket, sew on the inside on the right front part a button, your waist. This will close on the back. Make it non visible. Just put the button through a hole of the CreaChick-blokje. Pick a hole you like.

And you are done. And this is the result:


I hope it will work for you. Good luck! Love, Maris

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